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Thank you for visting my site.  I'd love to know who you are, and how you found me, and what you think of the site, my designs and my products.  You can e-mail me any comments.  Just visit the Contact Me tab.  Thanks,  Benta

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This is my SLIKstitches website, where you will find a variety of patchwork and quilted items, together with my own designs for use with embroidery machines


When I first got my lovely embroidery machine, I found lots of websites offering designs.  I stitched them on all sorts of things, and I loved watching them appear, but always had to resign myself to all the thread changes and trimming afterwards.

I was lucky enough then to (a) get digitising software, (b) find a tutor who far outshone the software manual and (c) find that I could actually do this, with minimal thread changes and trims!  Hope you like the designs!

I have been designing machine embroidery designs since 2006.  All of my designs are digitised in PE Design, and are stored as .PES 4x4 (100x100mm) or 5X7 (130X180mm) files. If you want to buy a design in a different size or format, please feel free to specify your preference.


I have been patchworking since the early 1990's:  I love designing, digitising and stitching! My family will tell you, these hobbies score much higher than cleaning, cooking, ironing or even watching T.V.

Please feel free to look at the stuff currently on the site - if there is something that you are looking for and can't see, please drop me a line. I'm always happy to take commissions.


I have digitised designs for a number of local businesses; gardeners, builders, transport companies, and schools.  I can stitch a logo onto work uniform or embroider onto school uniform to meet the school's requirements.


If you buy MACHINE EMBROIDERY designs they will be e-mailed to you with no charge for shipping, unless you would like them posted on CD-ROM in which case please add £1/$2.

If you buy ITEMS, I have included the UK postage & packing cost, but NOT overseas shipping and handling.  I am happy to sell these to you even if you live overseas, but please contact me so I can get prices for sending it to you.

To contact me please see the CONTACT ME tab.  Thanks